The best albums of 2017, No 1: St Vincent – Masseduction

Annie Clark makes a rock-star power play by embracing thrilling glam traditions while producing something strange, new and unequivocally moving

According to St Vincent’s Annie Clark, Masseduction is an album all about power. “What does power look like, who wields it, how do they wield it – emotionally, sexually, financially?” is how she described it in an interview with Buzzfeed. During the promotional campaign for her sixth album, Clark’s fixation with power bled into her persona, as she occupied herself by intimidating journalists. She took “predatory delight” in grilling the Buzzfeed writer, was frosty towards the New Statesman, typing on her phone while commanding the journalist to “keep asking away” (she later apologised for being a “cock”), and subtly cruel to the New Yorker’s Nick Paumgarten, who described how “her cheery use of the name of the person she is addressing can seem to contain a faint note of mockery”. He recalled how he often walked away from conversations with Clark “feeling like a character in a kung-fu movie who emerges from a sword skirmish apparently unscathed yet a moment later starts gushing blood or dropping limbs”.

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The best albums of 2017, No 1: St Vincent – Masseduction