San Jose’s 3Below venue debuts with ‘Sound of Music,’ ‘Hamilton’

Get ready to belt out your faves, from “Do-Re-Mi” to “The Room Where It Happens.”

The Camera 3 movie complex reopens Jan. 11 as San Jose’s newest film and performance venue, 3Below.

Inaugurating the space will be a trio of musicals and sing-alongs, all presented by the entertainment-savvy duo of Scott and Shannon Guggenheim, who formerly operated the city’s RetroDome.

First up is the sing-along “The Sound of Music,” screening Jan. 11-14 (admission, $14-$18), followed by a staged musical, “Sondheim on Sondheim,” which runs for 15 performances Jan. 18-Feb. 4 ($45-$58).

On Jan. 23, 3Below will kick off its first Broadway Karaoke night, with audience members of all ages playing (aka, rapping and singing) roles from the mega-hit “Hamilton.”  (free admission with a suggested $15 cafe minimum.)

OK, who’s got dibs on that campy King George character?

Source: mercurynews
San Jose’s 3Below venue debuts with ‘Sound of Music,’ ‘Hamilton’