Regina Spektor review – all hail a songwriter of substance

Eventim Apollo, London
The New Yorker thrills her devoted London fans, but Spektor’s witty, versatile storytelling deserves a wider audience

The other night in Liverpool, says Regina Spektor, she forgot how to play the chorus to Sailor Song and someone in the audience helpfully shouted out the chord progression. That’s the calibre of fan Spektor attracts these days. In Lizzy Gordon’s book Meet Me in the Bathroom, an oral history of New York’s recent music scene, Spektor remembers being mercilessly heckled by rock dudes when she was opening for the Strokes and Kings of Leon in 2003. Now people are more likely to scream “I love you!”, “Marry me!” or, bizarrely, “How’s your fingernail?”, all of which she fields with modest good humour. The Russian-born New Yorker, a slight figure in red and black, has never had a hit – her best-known work is probably You’ve Got Time, the uncharacteristically heavy theme song to Netflix’s Orange Is the New Black – so she’s a cult artist, but it’s a cult big enough to fill the Apollo.

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Regina Spektor review – all hail a songwriter of substance